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Ore no Kokoro.. Anrokku.
x||: Black Lynx :||x
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So for any information on my character, for those not in the know, it can be found here for discedo or here for soul_campaign

For Contacts

Mun: Elle
Mun Journal: orgel
AIM: CatGotYourEar


Please be constructive and informative. "You suck" doesn't tell me what I'm doing wrong. "You are awesome" tells me I'm doing it right. Unless you want to inflate my ego then by all means..
3rd-Sep-2009 04:51 am - o2. [Video + Voice]
they see me chillin
[The feed is really shakey, but one can just make out Ikuto laying down and staring up at the communicator.]

I guess I'm supposed to use this...

[The communicator clatters to the floor and all you get now is a strange view of the room. Ikuto doesn't bother picking it up and instead continues to just mumble to himself.]


[[ooc; The log has yet to be finished but so far Ikuto has been out with a cold and is staying at Amu's. So if you want feel free to recognize the room as Amu's xD ]]
18th-Aug-2009 01:46 pm - o1. Voice
tee hee
[If anyone is listening in, you'll probably hear a faint and shaky breath, like someone who is freezing from the cold. The breaths will grow louder and then cease as something rubbing can be heard.]

... Yoru...?

[There's a silence and the sound of someone sniffing, then a light chuckle.]

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